Webber Statement On House Resolution Supporting ICE

For Immediate Release                                        
July 19, 2018

Jay Webber Statement On House Resolution Supporting ICE
"Yesterday House Republicans made a strong statement in support of the brave women and men who serve in the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.
ICE does critically important work combating gang violence, battling drug dealers, stopping terrorist threats, protecting girls and young women from sex trafficking, and removing criminal aliens from our country.   I stand with those women and men of ICE, and firmly against any and all attempts to vilify them or abolish that agency.  
“But almost 200 Democrats in the House could not bring themselves to say the same.  That was shameful.  Worse, just a few weeks ago, Mikie Sherrill actually organized a rally that called for the abolishment of ICE.  Mikie needs to take this opportunity to pause, reverse course, apologize to our ICE officers, and once and for all declare her support for them and the very important work that agency does."