Assemblyman Jay Webber hopes to keep District 11 in GOP control


With primaries in the rear-view mirror, Wednesday begins a highly anticipated midterm season where New Jersey's District 11 will be one of the elections to watch.

The House seat is currently held by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, who is retiring. Assemblyman Jay Webber is hoping to be the Republican to replace him.

Webber, a state assemblyman for a decade, will be facing stark competition from Democrats aiming to take back the House of Representatives.

The GOP candidate says his support of President Donald Trump won't be an issue at the polls because voters care more about other issues.

"They're not particularly interested in the scandal of the day in Washington," says Webber. "They want to know, 'are you going to lower my taxes?' 'Are you going to get the government off my back?'" 

Webber's opponent is former Navy pilot Mikie Sherrill, who has already pledged to fight back against Trump. Her supporters have also already attacked Webber for voting against the state's equal pay act earlier this year.

"Mikie might lie about it and try to distort it, but equal pay is the law of the land -- has been and should be," says Webber. "And what Mikie is advocating is really a giveaway to the plaintiffs' bar trial lawyers who are going to get rich off lawsuits, and does nothing for equality and the workplace."

District 11 could be a close race as Trump won it by just a single percentage point in 2016.