Webber Bill Protecting Students Is Now Law

"As a father of seven there's nothing more important to me than our children and their safety. That's why for the last several years I've worked on my Safer Schools legislation that would stop districts from hiring teachers accused of sexual abuse of a child. 

In February I let you know that this bill had passed both chambers of the legislature unanimously, and today, I'm happy to report that the bill has been signed by the governor and is now the law of the land!

Our Safer Schools reform closes the loophole that has allowed a sexual predator to continue to sexually assault children simply by changing jobs. Now that this reform is signed into law, applicants will have to disclose if they left their prior job under investigation for sexual misconduct with a child. Past employers will have to share information with another school district if the applicant had any allegations of sexual misconduct or child abuse unless the claims were proven to be false or unsubstantiated. It also bans the type of separation agreements that forced past employers to withhold information. 


I began working with local community leaders, like former Mayor of Montville James Sandham, on this important effort over two years ago. Through the hard work of many in bringing attention to this critical issue we focused public scrutiny on this problem, and we worked through our legislative process to solve a real threat our community faced. 

Our schools and children are safer today than they were before this important law existed, and I was pleased to play a role in its passage. But, the job of protecting our children from predators is never done, and I pledge to continue my work on this topic as your State Assemblyman, or as your U.S. Congressman. "
-Assemblyman Jay Webber