Does Sherrill stand with "Unabashedly Liberal" Murphy on huge tax hike?

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June 18th, 2018

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Does Sherrill stand with "Unabashedly Liberal" Murphy on huge tax hike?

This is an important week for residents of the 11th Congressional District, and all New Jerseyans. 
As Governor Murphy tries to raise our taxes by $1.5 billion next year alone, beleaguered New Jerseyans will be looking for political leadership from every corner to stop those massive tax hikes.  Jay Webber will stand with taxpayers this week and oppose all efforts to raise taxes on the most overtaxed people in America.  Will Mikie Sherrill?
The question is actually quite simple, and it demands an answer.  Does Mikie believe that  our state sales, income, and business taxes are too high already, or should they be higher?  
Jay Webber said: "I am a small business owner and father of seven.  I pay the monthly mortgage for my family, and sign the front of the paychecks for my employees every two weeks.  I understand the concerns of average taxpayers and always keep our interests in mind - that’s why I have stood up consistently against both Democrats and Republicans whenever anyone has tried to raise our taxes."

Mikie Sherrill already has shrunk from standing up to her own party on the issue of ethics.  If she wants to be a leader in this State, she has to be able to do more than the easy stuff, like stand on the far left wing of her party in a primary.  For once, Mikie has to take on her own party and stand up for taxpayers.  Will she join Jay Webber in doing so this week?