Sherrill's Solution to Booming Economy: Raise Taxes on the State and Federal Level

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July 11, 2018
Sherrill's Solution to Booming Economy: Raise Taxes on the State and Federal Level
There's no two ways about it - the economy is in great shape, in large part due to the recent tax reform passed by Congress and signed by the President. 
But don't just take our word for it:
Unfortunately, Mikie Sherrill wants to put this all at risk by dramatically raising taxes on North Jersey families. She's already supported raising taxes on the state level, and now she's in favor of taking over six thousand dollars out of hard working North Jersey families' pockets. 
Jay Webber said: "America's economy is booming because of the recent tax cuts, and no district in this State benefits more from that tax package than New Jersey’s 11th.  We’re rewarding hard work and smart risk-taking, and letting people enjoy a little more of the success they are earning.  Yet for some reason, Mikie Sherrill wants to turn her back on all that progress.  All Mikie can do is criticize and complain about the prosperity we’re enjoying.  I think Mikie should stop looking for the gray lining in America’s silver cloud, because the thing about Americans is that we are an optimistic, hopeful, and positive nation.  I know voters around here share my appreciation of, and hunger for, economic growth and opportunity, and they’ll reject Mikie’s politics of pessimism in November.”