Webber Campaign Calls on Sherrill to Repudiate Radical Immigration Proposals Made at Her Event

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Press contact: 973-531-7190

Today, the Webber Campaign called on Mikie Sherrill to repudiate radical immigration proposals made at her recent event.

On Friday afternoon, Mikie Sherrill spoke at a street protest her campaign helped organize in Morristown.  After she concluded leafing through her script, a subsequent speaker at the Sherrill event admitted to coming here illegally, and demanded that:
1. New Jersey taxpayers provide free lawyers for people here illegally
2. New Jersey provide drivers licenses for people here illegally
3. New Jersey become a sanctuary state, and not cooperate with federal law 
4. The Federal Government shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency

The crowd of Sherrill supporters cheered at these radical proposals. 

These radical ideas are far out of step with mainstream America and Mikie sharing a platform with people who espouse them is extremely concerning. 

Mikie Sherrill needs to immediately condemn these remarks and radical ideas. If not, voters in the 11th Congressional District will know she holds these extreme views that are out of touch with residents of North Jersey.