Recent Statements About the Sherrill-Murphy Tax Hike


Trenton, NJ – NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement regarding Democrat Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill’s alliances with Governor Phil Murphy and Senator Bob Menendez:


“The 11th Congressional District deserves a leader who will stand up to New Jersey’s Democrat party bosses. It deserves a representative who will put their constituents’ interests ahead of thier own. Democrat leadership is failing the people of New Jersey, and Mikie Sherrill stands defiantly on the deck of a sinking ship.

“First, a bi-partisan group of US Senators admonished Bob Menendez for his corrupt relationship with convicted felon Salomon Melgen, but Mikie Sherrill refused to distance herself from the toxic Senator and remains a proud member of his poison ticket. Second, in order to pay for his multi-billion dollar liberal agenda, Governor PhilMurphy is championing a budget that raises taxes indiscriminately on every New Jersey resident, but Mikie Sherrill won’t speak up for the very constituents Murphy’s budget will inevitably punish.

“Jay Webber is one of the most dependable defenders of New Jersey taxpayers. His constituents know they can count on him to oppose Phil Murphy’s plan to raise the sales tax, add a new income tax, and raise business taxes everywhere.

“Mikie Sherrill’s allegiance to Menendez and Murphy should alarm every voter in that district and sends a clear message that she’s the wrong person to send to Washington.”




Senator Tom Kean: Sherrill Not Standing Up To Murphy Budget Signals She Is A Democrat Rubber Stamp

June 20, 2018

Westfield, NJ – Senator Tom Kean released the following statement regarding CD-11 Democrat congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill’s silent support of Governor Phil Murphy’s budget:

“Governor Phil Murphy is preparing one of the least taxpayer friendly budgets in New Jersey’s history and the people of Morris, Passaic, Essex and Sussex counties deserve to know where their Congressional candidates stand on this issue. Jay Webber has a long record of standing up to Democrat tax hikes, but Mike Sherrill has yet to make herself clear.

“I think it’s fair for voters to ask themselves, if Mikie Sherrill won’t stand up to Phil Murphy in New Jersey, will she be just another Democrat politician toeing the party line in Washington? For now, that answer seems to be yes. New Jersey cannot afford to send Washington Democrats a rubber stamp.”


Statement from Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick on the Sherrill-Murphy Tax Hikes
Leader Bramnick issued the following statement: 

"I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Jay Webber for years as he’s fought for lower taxes on our families and businesses. As unabashedly liberal Governor Murphy gets ready to set New Jersey Taxpayers back years on their financial plans with higher taxes, Mikie Sherrill owes the voters an answer to a simple question: Should the highest taxed citizens in America be taxed further? Her party’s leader, Governor Murphy, says yes and plans to campaign for her.
Jay is a small business owner and father who knows what it's like to stretch each dollar, and he’ll be a consistent voice in Washington for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility."
National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)
The Latest in NJ-11

Just beneath the surface of her carefully crafted image, Mikie Sherrill is still for the same far-left agenda pushed by Governor Phil Murphy.

Sherrill supports Murphy’s latest budget proposal, which imposes $1.6 billion in additional taxes on New Jersey families next year alone…

  • In addition to adding new business taxes, a new income tax, and a sales tax increase, Murphy’s budget cuts vital programs for seniors and veterans.
  • According to USA Today, New Jersey already has one of the highest tax burdens in the country.
  • Sherrill has vocally supported Murphy on the campaign trail, and the two will appear at a joint campaign event on Thursday.

From defending disgraced Bob Menendez’s record of corruption to pushing Phil Murphy’s massive tax increases, Mikie Sherrill simply doesn’t share the values of the 11thdistrict.