Mikie Sherrill Lies & Dodges Questions In Wayne Debate

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ – In last night's Wayne League of Women Voters debate, Mikie Sherrill disrupted the event with lies about Jay Webber's voting record on gun control and then dodged important questions about Israel, Iran and sanctuary cities.

Campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary made the following statement: "Tonight's debate was an embarrassment for Montclair Mikie Sherrill. She upended the program with an outburst of lies in a new attack against Jay Webber's voting record. Jay has been an advocate for common sense gun legislation long before announcing his candidacy, including his vote to limit gun access for domestic violence offenders, (2016 S2483) which was applauded by Former US Representative Gabby Giffords."
"Montclair Mikie Sherrill not only lied, she continued to deceive voters tonight by giving disturbingly ambiguous answers about issues related to Israel's embassy, the Iran Deal and sanctuary cities," Cleary continued "Montclair Mikie's campaign is flailing, having spent over $4.5M to see her lead cut in half, so now she's resorted to making things up out of thin air. The voters of North Jersey deserve better. " 
Background -
Mikie Sherrill Says: Jay Webber didn't vote for any common sense gun legislation until he was running for Congress. 
Reality: Jay voted yes on over 20 pieces of common sense gun legislation before February 3rd, 2018. 

A4301 Brings State law into conformity with federal law concerning sharing of certain mental health information relating to the purchase and possession of firearms. 12/07/2009 Yes
AJR29 Creates Firearms Advisory Task Force. 03/15/2010 Yes
A588 Prohibits possession of ammunition capable of penetrating body armor. 02/21/2013 Yes
A1116 Establishes 180 day prohibition on purchase of handgun for certain individuals who fail to report loss or theft of firearm. 02/21/2013 Yes
A1683 Criminalizes purchase or possession of firearms ammunition by persons convicted of certain crimes. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3510 Requires proof of firearms safety training as a condition for issuance of firearms purchaser ID cards and permits to purchase handguns. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3772 Revises statutes concerning firearms purchaser identification cards and handgun purchase permits; makes handgun purchase permit valid for four years. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3717 Requires submission of certain mental health records to National Instant Criminal Background Check System. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3772 Revises statutes concerning firearms purchaser identification cards and handgun purchase permits; makes handgun purchase permit valid for four years. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3788 Codifies regulation exempting firearms records from State's open public records law. 02/21/2013 Yes
A3797 Requires collection and reporting of certain firearms information to interjurisdictional database; requires information relating to crime of firearms trafficking be included in annual Uniform Crime Report. 02/21/2013 Yes
AR143 Expresses support for Attorney General's gun buyback program. 02/21/2013 Yes
S1279 Upgrades penalty for unlawfully transferring a firearm to an underage person; permits transfer for instruction and training. * 06/20/2013 Yes
S2719 Enhances penalties for certain firearms offenses; designated as Anti-Gun Trafficking Act of 2013. 06/20/2013 Yes
S2804 Upgrades certain unlawful possession of firearms to first degree crime; revises certain penalties under the "Graves Act." 06/20/2013 Yes
A4182 Prohibits firearm possession by persons convicted of carjacking, gang criminality, racketeering and terroristic threats. 06/25/2015 Yes
S2360 Requires notification of local law enforcement prior to expungement of certain mental health records of prospective firearms purchasers. 06/11/2015 Yes
A2443 Prohibits firearm possession by persons convicted of certain offenses. 04/07/2016 Yes
A2690 Expands list of retired law enforcement officers eligible to carry handgun. 12/19/2016 Yes
S2337 Permits law enforcement agencies to buy firearms directly from manufacturers; clarifies permits and identification cards not required. 10/20/2016 Yes
S2483 Enhances protections for domestic violence victims by restricting access to firearms by certain persons; provides for minimum terms of incarceration for offenders who commit physically violent acts. 11/21/2016 Yes
S3477 Establishes criminal penalties for sale and possession of certain firearm components. 01/08/2018 Yes