Politician Mikie Sherrill Flip-Flops On Gas Tax

For Immediate Release


Whippany, NJ - Today Mikie Sherrill flip-flopped on her position on last year's state legislation that raised the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. 

On June 18th, her campaign released a statement attacking Webber for opposing the legislation:

"He is in favor the GOP tax bill that hits New Jersey harder than any other community in the country and voted against lowering the state sales tax and against raising the earned income tax credit and the retirement tax exemption."

Sherrill therefore made it plain that she would have done the opposite of Webber and voted FOR the gas-tax increase bill.  Indeed, the Laborers and Operating Engineers both endorsed her this week based on that issue.

Today, Sherrill is claiming that she opposes the law she once made it plain that she supports.

"In response, Sherrill says she does not support the pending gas tax hike."

"Mikie Sherrill can’t have it both ways," said Campaign Spokesman, Harrison Neely. "She may be new to running for public office, but she seems to have masterfully adopted the culture of the New Jersey Democrat politicians she surrounds herself with. At the end of the day, Mikie is a tax-hiking liberal who will make New Jersey, and America, less affordable for everyone."