Sherrill Ducks on Murphy Tax Hikes, Endorses Gas Tax Hike

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June 19th, 2018

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Sherrill Ducks On Murphy Tax Hikes, Endorses Gas Tax Hike
Statement from Webber campaign manager Phil Valenziano on Mikie Sherrill's refusing to say if she supports the Murphy Tax Hikes: 
Mikie Sherrill still refuses to answer the question on the most important issue on New Jerseyans’ minds:  are our taxes too high?  Now that we know Mikie Sherrill supports the massive gas-tax hike that is driving New Jersey gas prices north of $3.00 for the summer, does she also support huge increases in the sales, income, transportation, and small business taxes?  The 11th Congressional District deserves to know.
Jay Webber stood up against some in his party when it came time to protect taxpayers and voted against the gas-tax increase.  Jay is an independent-minded leader who always puts the taxpayers first.  Liberal Mikie Sherrill supports higher taxes on the state and federal level, and voters will remember that in November.