Webber Campaign Responds To Mikie Sherrill’s Lies

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ – Mikie Sherrill has spent two days making extreme and misleading attacks on Jay Webber’s record.

“Mikie Sherrill is unhinged - showing her progressive-left, true self. Her attacks are filled with lies and distortions, straight out of the DC Democrat playbook,” said campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary. “These attacks come as no surprise; making things up and trying to scare voters is classic Mikie Sherrill. She has lied about taxes rising and home prices dropping, when the opposite is true. Just yesterday she said Jay voted for weaker penalties for domestic abusers when he actually voted for stronger legislation that was endorsed by Gabby Giffords. And today, she says Jay doesn't support equal pay for equal work, which is flatly untrue.”

Cleary continued, “Mikie does all of this to hide her support for tax hikes, corrupt Bob Menendez, and sanctuary city-loving Phil Murphy. But she can only hide who she is for so long, as her radical belief in identity politics aimed at dividing and weakening New Jersey are becoming more apparent every day.”

Jay Webber noted his belief in an optimistic, pro-growth agenda that speaks to the highest aspirations of the residents of New Jersey. “I believe the best way to support everyone in New Jersey is to create an environment where individuals can be prosperous, without the burdens of unnecessary taxes and regulations, and free to pursue their lives as they see fit.  Mikie Sherrill’s hard-left politics seek to divide and us by race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.  I seek to unite us, and that’s why our campaign will prevail.”