Webber Proposes Repeal Of Additional Gas Tax; Criticizes Sherrill For Supporting This Tax Hike

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ - Yesterday the Murphy Administration announced that it would effect ANOTHER tax increase in its first year, this one raising the gas tax by 4 cents per gallon, on top of the 23-cent tax increase imposed on New Jerseyans in 2016. 

Jay Webber was a leading advocate against the original gas tax legislation that created an up front 23 cents per gallon increase and then the potential for an annual increase if consumption estimates are not met. 
"I stood up to Chris Christie and fought against this tax and now I'm going to stand up to Phil Murphy and do the same," said Webber. "This is a raw deal for the taxpayers of New Jersey who are already carrying the heaviest tax burden in the nation.  “Guess why we sold less gas in New Jersey than projected – because our prices at the pump aren’t all that much cheaper than those in New York and Pennsylvania anymore.  And more tax hikes won’t solve that problem, it will make it worse.”"
Webber announced that he is drafting legislation to repeal the portion of the current law that allows for automatic tax increases by the Governor without a vote by the Legislature. Webber’s stand is in stark contrast to Mikie Sherrill’s, who supports the legislation that raised the gas tax, and promises tax hikes into the future – without a vote of the Legislature. 
“It’s clearer every day – the choice in this election is between a run-of-the-mill tax-hiking liberal in Mikie Sherrill, and a tax cutter in Jay Webber.  The most overtaxed people in the nation will choose the tax cutter in November,” said Webber campaign spokesman Harrison Neely.