Mikie Sherrill For Congress: I'll Raise Your Taxes by at Least Six Thousand Dollars

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Mikie Sherrill For Congress: I'll Raise Your Taxes by at Least Six Thousand Dollars

New Jersey's citizens are among the highest taxed in the nation. We pay huge income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, gas taxes, and others. Thankfully, the average family of four in our area is projected to see a tax reduction of over $6,000 as a result of the recent federal tax reform. 
Shockingly, Mikie Sherrill wants to take that away. She opposes the recent federal tax reform and would raise taxes on the average family in our district by over six thousand dollars! 
That is six thousand dollars that could be put away for college, or used to repair the family car, or pay the mortgage, or save for retirement.  It might even cover some of the tax hike that Mikie Sherrill's party just put on us on the state level. 
Jay Webber said: "I own a small business and write the monthly mortgage check here in North Jersey, so I understand acutely how high taxes strangle the growth of our economy and make it even harder for families to get ahead. After years of rapidly rising state and federal taxes, it’s good to see the Congress letting us keep more of our hard-earned money, to the tune of six thousand dollars for the average family here in NJ-11. Dissapointingly, Mikie Sherrill wants to take that six thousand dollars away from us. If elected, I'll fight to preserve and extend lower taxes for all Americans, unlike Mikie Sherrill."

Make no mistake, the economy is booming, in large part because of the historic tax reform that was passed just a few months ago. 
Wages are up. Small business confidence is up. Unemployment is as low as it has been since 1969. Mikie Sherrill's solution to this prosperity? Take six thousand dollars away from hard working North Jersey families. 
Sherrill is out of touch with the values of North Jersey, and voters will reject her efforts to raise their taxes by at least $6,000 in November.