What Mikie Says vs. What Mikie Does

The Webber For Congress campaign is pulling back the curtain on the real Mikie Sherrill and exposing her hypocrisy, demonstrating the huge difference between what she says, and what she does. 




"At the end of the day, Mikie Sherrill is proving to be just another politician saying what she thinks people want to hear, but doing just the opposite,"  said Webber campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary. "She’s a hard-left culture warrior who tries to hide her extremism in slick TV ads and campaign smears of her opponent."


Mikie SAYS: She's a leader for gun control.

Mikie DOES: Her second biggest contributor is the go-to law firm for the NRA.


Mikie SAYS: Tax reform is tanking the housing market.

Mikie DOES: Her multimillion dollar estate was just assessed at a HUGE increase.


Mikie SAYS: She opposes the soon-to-be enacted automatic gas tax increase

Mikie DOES: She attacked Jay Webber for opposing the gas tax legislation, taking the opposite side of the issue in support of the bill and the automatic tax increases that come with it.


Mikie SAYS: "We need new leadership in Washington" 

Mikie DOES: Mikie will show her support for corrupt Senator Bob Menendez by sharing the  program at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee Conference this week.


Mikie SAYS: "I don’t believe in abolishing ICE."  

Mikie DOES: She organizes a rally with anti-ICE protestors

She campaigns with Governor Phil Murphy and Senator Cory Booker, both of whom support sanctuary cities.  She runs on the same ticket as Bob Menendez, who also supports sanctuary cities.

She provides no explanation or information on her website about where she stands on issues related to immigration.

And she has ignored a challenge to debate the topic of immigration.


Mikie SAYS: "I am committed to real tax relief."  

Mikie DOES: Mikie spoke at a rally in opposition to the GOP tax bill: “There is not a better example of how broken the system in Washington is than this tax bill. 


Mikie SAYS: She aims to “promote fiscal responsibility.”

Mikie DOES: Mikie said she is “not opposed” to Medicare for All at a Facebook live event on April 18, 2018, a dangerous socialized medicine scheme that is estimated to cost $32.6 trillion.

During a May, 2017 interview, Mikie said that repealing and replacing Obamacare would be “disastrous.” Estimates suggest Obamacare will add $131 billion to the federal deficit over 10 years


Mikie SAYS: “I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi. We need new leadership and new leaders who are going to work together to get the job done."

Mikie DOES: At an event on September 25 in Pompton Plains, Mikie praised Nancy Pelosi for her time as Speaker of the House. Mikie called her “the most effective Speaker of the House that we have seen in decades.” Mikie went on to say she “applauds the legislation she has been able to pass.”