Webber For Congress Campaign Announces Law Enforcement For Webber Coalition

Includes Two County Sheriffs and multiple prominent Law Enforcement Officials Across Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ –Today the Webber for Congress Campaign released a coalition of Law Enforcement leaders residing in or serving New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.

Jay Webber released the following statement along with a list of supporters:


“When it comes to Law Enforcement, we must all put politics aside.  As the father to seven children, I have always appreciated the brave women and men who serve in our communities and keep my family safe,” said Webber. “From fighting to make sure they have the tools they need to do their job right, to insisting that their pension fund is properly supported, I will always support Law Enforcement.”
Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon added, “I’ve worked with Jay as he’s represented me in New Jersey and I’m proud to support his campaign to go to Washington. He understands the needs of Law Enforcement and I’ve always been able to count on him to have officers’ backs.”


Jay has a strong record of standing up for Law Enforcement
1.     Authored legislation that would give Law Enforcement officials an income tax deduction for their unreimbursed firearms training expenses.  
·      Jay believes deeply that Law Enforcement officials should be as prepared for crises as possible. His legislation would help officers who dig into their own pockets to develop themselves professionally and better prepare to defend us by allowing a tax deuction for things like training courses, ammunition, and range fees.  The State should not punish officers when they spend money that helps protect the public; it should reward them.


2.    Supported a ban on possession of advanced armor-piercing bullets.
·      Jay knows that Law Enforcement officials risk their lives every time they go to work. He has always supported the strictest possible penalties to keep officers safe.


3.    Promoted reforms to protect retirees and enrollees in the public pension system. 
·      Law Enforcement officials bravely serve their communities throughout their careers, and their compensation includes, in part, a promise of support during retirement.  That promise should be kept; and Jay has fought for reforms to the police and fire retirement system that ensure the solvency of the system. To back up that commitment to keep the pension system solvent, Jay has opposed every State budget that did not meet the pension funding obligations agreed to in 2011, even publicly taking on the Governor of his own party when he had to. Since then, Jay has voted for additional reforms that require fully funded annual pension payments. 


4.    Advocated for greater flexibility for officers to carry while off duty. 
·      There have been countless incidents where armed off-duty officers have stepped into an urgent situation and resolved a conflict. Jay supports common-sense measures that allow for well-trained officers to carry their firearms when they are off duty.


Jay’s plan to fight for Law Enforcement in Washington
1.     Stand strong against Sanctuary Cities. 
·      Sanctuary City policies must be stopped and we must support our federal agents. Instructing local police officers to ignore federal law allows for criminal illegal aliens to walk freely within our neighborhoods and put our families and Law Enforcement at risk.


2.     Support the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
·      ICE does critically important work combating gang violence, battling drug dealers, stopping terrorist threats, protecting girls and young women from sex trafficking, and removing criminal aliens from our country.  We must support, not undermine, its work.  


3.     Oppose legalized recreational marijuana. 
·      Legalizing drugs in the midst of an opioid crisis is taking law and order in the wrong direction. In addition, there is no known field sobriety test for marijuana to stop people from driving under the influence and endangering our roadways.

4.     Improve relations between the police and the federal government.


·      We must create a practice that allows for police departments to develop their own peer-to-peer review and best practices that minimize the Justice Department‘s involvement. We must empower local law enforcement to set high standards for their own service. 

Law Enforcement For Webber Coalition:

Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon- Boonton
Sussex County Sheriff Mike Strada- Hampton Twp
Chris B Ackers- Totowa
Vincent Acquaviva- Montville
Robert  Alviene- Butler
Hugh Ames- Chatham Borough
Steven Andrew- Mendham Borough
Bill Baig- Pompton Lakes

Ed Buttimore- Cedar Grove
Ken Campen- Little Falls
Paul Carifi- Parsippany
Dave Cavaliere- Parsippany
James Contreras- Fairfield
Richard Cook- Montville
Frank Cooney- Montville
Mike Dalton- Pompton Lakes
Mark Delitta- Nutley
Tom Delorenzo- Wayne
Wesley Drelich- Wayne
Teddy Durand- Nutley
Tom Fano- West Caldwell
Anne Marie Ferris- Morris Plains
Francisco Gabriele- Nutley
Frank Garcia- Wayne

Charlie Germershausen- Florham Park
Stephen Golub- Nutley
Frank Jaconetta- Pompton Lakes
Dave Kane- Kinnelon
Mark Kelly- Rockaway   
Joseph Krentz- Whippany
Dennis Letts- Parsippany
Robert Lubertazzi- Nutley
Gary Manna- Lincoln Park
Perry Mayers- Montville
Andrew McCrone- North Caldwell
Steve Meyers- Wanaque
John Negra- Nutley
Mike O'Halloran- Nutley
Joe O'Halloran- Nutley
Kevin O'Shaugnessy- Pompton Lakes
John Palito- Rockaway Twp
Don Reddin- Rockaway Twp
Charles Rocco- East Hanover
Ed Rochford- Morris Plains
David Sabagh- Cedar Grove
Dominic Santangelo- Nutley
John Sierchio- Boonton
Anthony Simone- Lincoln Park
Rob Simpson- Denville
Martin Singer- Wayne
Scott Smith- Wayne
Billy Smith- Nutley

William J. Sona - Verona 
Eric Stabinski- Nutley
Brian Trovato- Nutley
Andrew VanDorn- Wayne
Scott Walsh- Denville
Barrie Warsnop- Nutley
Nugent Zaccardi- Pompton Lakes