Former Democrat Opponent Endorses Jay Webber For Congress

Former Democrat Opponent Endorses Jay Webber For Congress

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ - Jay Webber's three-time Democrat opponent for New Jersey's Assembly in the 26th district, Wayne Marek, endorsed Webber for Congress. Marek challenged Webber as part of the Democrat ticket in the 2007, 2009 and 2015 general elections.

"Wayne and I may be from different political parties, we may have been political opponents in the past, and we may not agree on everything, but that will never prevent either of us from developing a friendship or doing what's right for our country," said Jay Webber. "I appreciate Wayne’s endorsement of my candidacy for Congress, and I will always work with both Republicans and Democrats to fight for North Jersey."

"Jay has been a true leader for North Jersey," said Wayne Marek. "I'm endorsing him over Mikie Sherrill because I trust that he will go to Congress and work with both parties, just like he has done in the Assembly. His opponent seems to think that simply opposing Donald Trump is a platform and a plan for our country, but that’s not enough. I know that Jay will work with leaders from both parties when it's right for the district and stand up to them when it's wrong."