Webber For Congress Releases First Television Ad

For Immediate Release

Whippany, NJ - The Webber For Congress campaign released its first television ad of the general election. 
"Jay has a powerful story to tell as a husband, father, tax cutter, and strong bi-partisan leader," said Phil Valenziano, Campaign Manager. "We're excited to kick off our advertising campaign with a positive ad that shows voters in North Jersey exactly what kind of Congressman they can expect in Jay."


To watch the ad, click below:

Johanna Webber:
When it comes to fighting for New Jersey, no one does a better job than my husband Jay.
Whether cutting our taxes, increasing support and funding for domestic abuse survivors, or keeping sexual predators out of our schools, Jay always puts our families first.
But there's one thing he loves more than anything: being a husband, and a dad.

Jay Webber: husband, father, tax cutter, leader. 

Jay Webber:
I'm Jay Webber and I approve this message.