Webber Campaign Statement On Not Interviewing For Editorial Board Endorsement

For Immediate Release


Whippany, NJ  - Today, the Webber for Congress campaign announced Jay Webber will not be sitting for an interview with the Star Ledger Editorial Board.

In the August 12th editorial, the board wrote "It's impossible to say what voice Webber is hearing inside his head, " seemingly implying that Assemblyman Webber has some kind of mental deficiency that is driving him to conclusions that they wrongly characterized as "lies."

We found the editorial to be particularly unfair and frankly offensive. Not just to Jay, whose family has been impacted directly and significantly by the mental illness, but to all people who have struggled with very serious mental health issues. To call a person who you have political disagreements with mentally unsound is an insult to every American who fights through those challenges every single day. One in six New Jerseyans take some kind of medicine to address a mental health challenge and every single one of them deserve an apology from the Editorial Board.

On the other hand, Mikie Sherrill has spent over a year talking out of both sides of her mouth, all the while misleading the voters of the 11th Congressional District. 

One prominent example is the mixed message she sends on Nancy Pelosi. She runs ads on television saying she won't support Nancy Pelosi, but on the campaign trail she picks and chooses her words depending on her audience. She was recently caught on tape idolizing Pelosi, calling her the best Speaker of that last few decades.  She also has blatantly lied regarding Assemblyman Webber’s positions on pay equity, gay conversion therapy, marriage, and taxes, just to name a few issues.

We have an entire page on our website dedicated to Mikie Sherrill's hypocrisies.

Yet, the Star Ledger Editorial Board has never once criticized or questioned her deceptive tactics. You cannot be a sometimes umpire and expect the players to respect your role, or your calls.

We believe that Editorial Boards are important to shining light on truth for the everyday voter. That is why we offered to sit for the editorial board with Mikie Sherrill, and on video, so that the candidates could have a full, fair, and transparent discussion of the issues in the campaign, without the filter of the Editorial Board’s bias.  Mikie declined, and they didn’t insist that she sit for it.  Jay simply will not subject himself to a process that is so biased and lacks transparency.

We truly hope that after this election, the Star Ledger comes to their senses and brings some balance to their editorial board.