Jay Webber – A Principled, Independent Leader

Jay Webber is a husband and father, a tax cutter, and a leader for North Jersey. As the father of seven active children, a little league coach, and swim dad, Jay understands the diverse views of his community and has worked and planned with people without worrying about their political stripes. As a small business owner, he knows that party registration isn’t a factor in serving clients and working with neighbors.

“One of a generation of civic leaders already at work trying to fix a broken system and restore faith in the process.” –TIME Magazine

Webber has “shown an admirable ability to temper passion with reason” and “get the wishes of his constituents met.”– New Jersey Hills

“Our representatives should have a core set of principles they bring to their service, never compromising those principles but always being ready to seek common ground on policies that can improve the lives of all Americans.  That mentality is how we built a bi-partisan coalition to pass the landmark law that protects our kids in schools from child abusers and sexual predators.  And that is how we protected and funded victims of domestic abuse and the communities who care for them.” – Jay Webber


Jay has a long history of working with both Republicans and Democrats

  • Sponsored tax cut bills with Republicans that would provide over a billion dollars in tax relief for New Jersey taxpayers, and also various bills with 116 different Democrat legislators.

    • Jay has sponsored legislation with 90% of the Democrats he has served with in the Legislature, including some of the most liberal members of the Assembly and its last three Speakers.

  • Endorsed by Mark Dunec, the 2014 Democrat candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional district.

    • “Jay will support his party leaders when they are right, oppose them when they are wrong, and always stand up for North Jersey. For these reasons, I am proud to endorse Jay Webber for Congress.” – Mark Dunec

  • Endorsed by Wayne Marek, Jay’s three-time Democrat opponent for the Assembly in the 26th district.

    • "I'm endorsing him over Mikie Sherrill because I trust that he will go to Congress and work with both parties, just like he has done in the Assembly.” – Wayne Marek.

Jay has real experience reaching across the aisle to make laws that improve our community

  • Named an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership, a national bipartisan program of “Rising Stars” in Governance dedicated to transcending partisanship and focusing attention on overarching questions of leadership and governance.

  • Authored the landmark law to stop sexual predators from getting jobs in our public schools.  To do so, Jay built a bi-partisan coalition of 25 sponsors and 19 child-advocate interest groups to support and pass a measure that keeps our kids safe in school.

  • Led a group of Republicans and Democrats that fought to get a law passed that helped increase funding and support for women who were victims of domestic violence, a measure and was lauded by Patricia Sly of the Jersey Battered Women Shelter, who said “We are grateful to Asm. Webber for his swift and effective leadership addressing the shelter education funding problem.  He recognized the issue immediately and shepherded a solution through the legislative process in record time, garnering bipartisan support from the start.” 

  • Wrote an innovative property tax cut measure with now-State Senator Troy Singleton that would result in $331 million in direct property tax relief to New Jersey residents. 

  • Crafted a bill to enable individuals to work from home without undue government interference and sponsored it with small businesswoman and Assemblywoman Valerie Vanieri Huttle.

  • Collaborated with Senator Patrick Diegnan on a criminal justice reform bill that advocates have called “A vital first step towards reform”.

Jay is not afraid to stand up to leaders in both parties to do what is right for his constituents

  • In his first month in office, challenged Democrat Governor Jon Corzine to place before the people in a referendum his misguided scheme to sell New Jersey’s toll roads. 

  • Said no to Republican Governor Chris Christie’s gas tax increase. 

  • Voted against every one of Governor Christie’s budgets but one because they did not provide enough property tax relief and did not fully fund promised pension payments. 

  • Twice voted to override Governor Christie’s vetoes on issues affecting debt and gun safety.

  • Stood firmly against Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s reckless tax and spending increases.

Jay will bring his bi-partisan experience to Washington

  • As a Congressman, Jay will reach across the aisle and be a leader in finishing the job on the Gateway Tunnel. 

  • Jay supports term limits for Members of Congress. He believes it is important that representatives focus on selfless service rather than making a career out of elected office. 

  • Jay will continue to reach out to members of both parties to advance solutions to real problems Americans face: funding college education, saving for retirement, paying healthcare expenses, and finding and creating economic opportunity for themselves and others.