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DSC_0151_(1).JPGJay Webber Accepts Republican Nomination for Congress:

Thank you to Johanna, kids, dad.  Frank.

Thank you to friends, supporters, volunteers, and most of all, the Republican voters of the 11thCongressional District for the trust they have placed in all of us.  So folks, I’ve got one question for you:  how does it feel to be a winner?  

Our team was unstoppable.  500 volunteers.  2000 lawn signs put up.  4000 door knocks.  15,000 flyers distributed.  40,000 phone calls.  All as the campaign came together in just a few short months, and all because you love this country more than you value your time and convenience.  Thank you to all of you on a job extraordinarily well done! 

And I want to thank each of Martin Hewitt, Patrick Allocco, Antony Ghee, and Peter de Neufville for offering themselves, sacrificing their time, and giving their energy to our Republican Party.  It is a mark of a strong and vibrant party that attracts good people to want to run under its banner, and our party should be proud of the primary we just had.  

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